Embroidered Organza – RM-03 BLUE LAGOON


Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection:Romansiyyah Luxury Formals 23

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Emaan Adeel offers us this elegant RM-03 Blue Lagoon Maxi Suit from Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 Collection for Pakistani wedding and festive wear that will turn heads and steal the show. It is an actual conversation piece and a stunning addition to any special event.

Made of premium-grade organza fabric, the Maxi Suit showcases unmatched design and finesse through intricate hand embroidery on its front body. A plain organza back creates the ideal contrast, while seven embroidered panels on the front and back add sophistication and extra elegance.

Organza-embellished sleeves and borders add even more elegance to this Maxi Suit, creating an eye-catching yet beautiful ensemble. A hand-embroidered dupatta completes the choir for an eye-catching and captivating appearance.

A delicate light blue-grey raw silk trouser highlights the intricacies of this Maxi Suit and adds to its air of elegance and charm. The combination of pale blue-grey creates an understated and sophisticated atmosphere – ideal for any celebratory event!

Notable embellishments such as embroidery, tassels and patchwork add traditional charm and make this Maxi Suit stand out.

Ideal for weddings and celebratory events, the RM-03 Blue Lagoon Maxi Suit exudes a unique Pakistani style. Crafted with premium-grade fabric for optimal comfort and boasting timeless style -, this timeless piece is something you will treasure for years.

Emaan Adeel‘s RM-03 Blue Lagoon Maxi Suit is an exquisite piece that beautifully marries traditional Pakistani fashion with modernity. Boasting intricate embroidery, hand-made embellishments, and raw silk fabric material, this dress will leave an indelible impression upon onlookers and an unforgettable legacy. Choose it to dazzle viewers and leave a lasting impression!