Embroidered Chiffon -RM-05 MIYASA


Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection: Romansiyyah Luxury Formals 23


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Introduce the MIYASA Shalwar Kameez: a Luxurious and Eye-Catching Outfit

Discover the stunning RM-05 MIYASA from Emaan Adeel’s Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 collection; this elegant Shalwar Kameez will make a striking statement at weddings or festive events across Pakistani culture. Featuring high-quality fabrics adorned with outstanding embellishments, it is a genuinely one-of-a-kind ensemble which will steal everyone’s gaze.

Chiffon Embroidered Kameez with Organza Borders – Elegant and Flowy

This dress features a soft, lightweight chiffon kameez fabric with a delicate, flowing drape. The front showcases intricate hand-made embroidery to add uniqueness and flare, while its sleeves also showcase this exquisite stitchwork to enhance its flowy appearance. A plain chiffon back brings simplicity and elegance; organza borders on both front and back elevate its sophistication. Their intricate, detailed embroidery adds character and a playful edge, making this refined attire enjoyable.

Chiffon Embroidered Dupatta – Perfectly Coordinates

The chiffon embroidered dupatta pairs perfectly with the kameez. The intricate embroidery work and playful tassels add extra charm, while its coordinated colour scheme makes a harmonious ensemble.

Durable and Eye-Catching Dyed Raw Silk Trousers –

The trouser of the RM-05 MIYASA is crafted of dyed raw silk for durability and an attractive contrast against the soft chiffon and organza fabrics found on its kameez and dupatta. Furthermore, its hue adds depth to this exquisite ensemble and enhances its captivating charm.

Conclusion – Exhibiting Authenticity, Luxury and Elegance in Every Detail.

Emaan Adeel‘s Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 collection excelled in crafting an ensemble that exuded elegant coordination while remaining playful, and this piece stood out with its intricate chiffon embroidery and dyed raw silk trouser that indeed demonstrated craftsmanship and attention to detail. Artisans also employed high-quality fabrics with intricate embellishments for authentic embroidery – genuinely making this outfit one of Emaan Adeel’s Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23, the epitome of sophistication with its exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite fabrics, intricate embellishments, and authentic embroidery; making this Emaan Adeel piece an indispensable companion!