Embroidered Organza – Rohi


Brand: Akbar Aslam
Collection: Mastani Wedding Formals 23


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Pakistani weddings are grand affairs that require meticulous preparations. A critical component of such ceremonies is clothing for brides, and choosing an ensemble to complement her personality is essential to looking stunning on her big day. At Akbar Aslam’s Mastani Wedding Formals 23 Collection by ROHI Shalwar Kameez, you are in safe hands: the ROHI Shalwar Kameez can make you stand out and shine bright!

ROHI Kameez is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship made of high-grade Grip fabric. The yellow hue symbolizes happiness and joy – making this piece ideal for wedding ceremonies. The front of a Kameez is hand embroidered with organza fabric and needle embellished with intricate designs, adding sophistication and elegance. Additionally, Organza Embroidered and Hand Embellished Front Border and 2nd Front Border add a layer of glamour and distinction.

The Back of this Kameez is hand embroidered in Organza and features the Back and 2nd Back borders. Both its Front and Back ends have Organza Embroidered Hand Embellished Chalk and Chawk Borders; its Sleeve is also hand embroidered using Organza with Hand Embellished Sleeve Border and 2nd Sleeve Border embellishments.

ROHI’s Dupatta is genuinely stunning to look upon, featuring small floral motifs embroidered across its entirety that both modernizes it while remaining traditional and boasting sequins and thread lacing borders on all four sides to accentuate its beauty, complete with Yellow and Multi colours adding depth and dimension.

ROHI Shalwar Kameez features trousers crafted of high-grade Grip material and Russian Grip Embroidered Trousers in Yellow hue, making this dress an ideal piece for Pakistani wedding ceremonies.


Akbar Aslam‘s Mastani Wedding Formals 23 Collection has created another masterpiece with their ROHI Shalwar Kameez. Crafted of exquisite Organza embroidered hand embellished and grip embroidered trousers – complete with organza hand embroideries hand embellished by hand and Grip embroideries by machine – its meticulous details epitomize elegance. In contrast, the Dupatta with small floral embroidery designs, as well as sequins and thread lace border, is the ideal complement. It comes in Yellow to represent happiness and joy, making this dress an essential addition for Pakistani brides looking forward to their big day!

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