Embroidered Net – Rosa by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23


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Rosa by Tabeer, a piece de resistance introduced by Farasha, encapsulates the grandeur and charm befitting the sophisticated taste of Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK. This formal peach ensemble, emanating from the esteemed Tabeer – Wedding Formals ’23 collection, is an extraordinary tribute to traditional artisanship blended with the essence of contemporary finesse. Every stitch speaks volumes about the attention to detail invested in this creation, making Rosa by Tabeer, not just a garment but an opulent statement of style.

Artistic Excellence in Every Thread

The Rosa by Tabeer ensemble commences with a breathtaking spectacle of embroidered net front and back panels. Such intricacy is the hallmark of a dress designed to leave an indelible impression upon any assemblage. The captivating tilla sequins that adorn the fabric shimmer with elegance and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to sartorial perfection. Delicate threadwork travels across the dress, creating patterns that celebrate the peak of artisanal excellence.

Sleeves That Echo Sophistication

Moving toward the sleeves, one encounters the true depth of craftsmanship through the embroidered net fabric graced with borders of sumptuousness. An additional layer of grandeur is found in the borer embroidered organza sleeves border, adding a texture that contrasts delightfully with the soft net, resulting in a display of nuanced beauty.

Borders That Frame Perfection

In high fashion, the importance of a well-conceived border cannot be overstated. For Rosa by Tabeer, the embroidered organza front and back borders are nothing short of architectural marvels. They provide a foundation and frame that enhance the overall silhouette of the dress, much like the finely chiselled cornices of a classic monument.

A Dupatta Worthy of Royalty

A quintessential element of South Asian attire, the dupatta, completes the Rosa by Tabeer outfit. This isn’t just any dupatta; it’s a testament to the splendour of the entire outfit. Adorned with an embroidered printed cotton patti and orchestrated borders of embroidered organza, it offers a visual melody that flows seamlessly with the rest of the ensemble.

The Allure of the Sharara

No ceremonial attire from the Indian subcontinent is complete without mentioning a sharara. The distinct crushed texture of the sharara included with Rosa by Tabeer adds a voluminous, regal flair to the ensemble. It brings forth a dance of tradition and modernity, making this attire not just a piece to be worn but experienced.

Tailored to Perfection

Embracing the essence of the dress is the dyed raw silk trouser; it’s the epitome of comfort meeting luxury. The tailored precision ensures a fit that complements the wearer, allowing the fabric to cascade effortlessly, making every movement graceful.

Colours That Speak Volumes

Rosa by Tabeer is bathed in a soothing peach hue, a colour picked for its aesthetic appeal and what it represents. Peach symbolizes warmth, composure, and a serene confidence that resonates with the demeanour expected at formal gatherings. It reflects the golden hour’s glow, a time when everything is cast in the most beautiful light—much like the wearer of this dress.

Designed for Celebrations

The Rosa by Tabeer ensemble is poised to become the highlight of any celebration. Whether attending a wedding, an engagement party, or any other notable event, this dress is crafted to place you at the centre of admiration. Its inherent sophistication and majestic aura are fitting for occasions cherished for life.

The Farasha Signature

With Farasha, you are acquiring more than just a piece of clothing; you’re investing in a brand that stands for unyielding quality and design intelligence. Rosa by Tabeer by Farasha is a testament to this ethos, as every element, from fabric choice to the final stitch, is scrutinized to ensure it aligns with the elevated standards synonymous with the brand.

Care Instructions

To maintain the luxurious quality of Rosa by Tabeer, it is recommended that this garment be dry-cleaned only. This will ensure the delicate sequins, embroidery, and fabric remain pristine so that each time it’s donned, it feels as timeless and magnificent as the day it was first worn.


When you choose Rosa by Tabeer by Farasha, you select a garment that transcends the ordinary. This dress is not merely an outfit; it’s a narrative of luxury and craftsmanship and embodies a culture rich with elegance. As you step into the limelight, let Rosa by Tabeer whisper tales of grandeur. In this story, you are the protagonist, etched in the minds of all who behold yo

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