Embroidered Chiffon – Rumeysa


Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection: Ishq Aatish Collection 2023



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RUMEYSA Is A Dreamy Dress That Will Add Shine to Your Wedding and Festive Look

RUMEYSA has become synonymous with elegant shalwar kameez dresses that exude royalty. RUMEYSA is known for creating exquisite collections combining traditional and modern styles; its Ishq Aatish Collection showcases this seamlessly. Each dress is carefully constructed from high-quality fabrics with gorgeous embellishments to complete this iconic look. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into this dress style from RUMEYSA: Shalwar Kameez style; it makes an essential must-have addition for weddings and festive seasons!

Ishq Aatish Collection RUMEYSA Shalwar Kameez is a breathtaking dress designed for those who wish to make a statement with their attire. The multi-sequenced chiffon embroidery dupatta adds sophistication, featuring purple chiffon embroidered front and back panels with organza sleeves lace embroidered for extra elegance. The organza sleeves lace embroidery adds complexity unrivaled by other dresses in its category.

Emaan Adeel recognizes the importance of the dupatta as an integral element of any Shalwar Kameez ensemble and has paid particular consideration to this aspect of its design. With organza embroidered dupatta borders and multi-sequence chiffon embroidery on two sides of its dupattas adorned with crystal tassels, adding extra charm, they bring life and spirit to any ensemble!

The Ishq Aatish Collection’s RUMEYSA Sahlwar Kameez features wide-leg trousers that add an eye-catching flourish to any ensemble. Incorporating purple-hued raw silk fabric, these wide-leg trousers add a regal element that complements and completes your ensemble beautifully. Perfect for festive events!

Embellishments add the perfect finishing touches to a dress’s ensemble. Crystal tassels on sleeves borders and the organza embroidered patch hem of the Kameez add extra shimmer, making this ensemble suitable for weddings and festivals. RUMEYSA’s thoughtful approach in crafting their embellishments demonstrates their ability to balance elegance with modernity.

Ishq Aatish Collection’s RUMEYSA Shalwar Kameez in purple exudes royalty and elegance – making it the ideal color choice for wedding wear or festive events. Crafted with lightweight yet breathable Chiffon fabric for its Kameez and Dupatta pieces, its organza border adds sophistication.


In conclusion, the RUMEYSA Shalwar Kameez from Ishq Aatish Collection is designed to make special occasions unforgettable. Combining traditional and modern elements seamlessly, this dress has quickly become indispensable among Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK. Their attention to detail in everything from fabric selection and embellishments is proof of their quality craftsmanship. If you want your next wedding or festive event to stand out, look no further than their Ishq Aatish Collection dresses!