Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-007A-DE


Brand: Sana Safinaz
Fabric: Raw silk
Collection: Winter Luxury Collection 23

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Sana Safinaz Winter Luxury Collection 23 offers the luxurious S231-007A-DE Open Goan.

Winter is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with fashionable attire. A beautiful winter dress sets the mood, and with Sana Safinaz’s Winter Luxury Collection 23, you can select your dream piece; our favorite among their latest offerings, S231-007A-DE Open Goan, will undoubtedly grab your attention with its captivating design and unique embellishment details – this blog post will discuss everything about it including fabric details and embellishments!

Sana Safinaz’s Winter Luxury Collection 23 Open Goan features Moroccan-inspired kacha tanka embroidery on soft Raw Silk fabric. This captivating magenta ensemble exudes elegance and charm and is the ideal winter ensemble. The shirt front features dyed raw silk and embroidered, with bordered embroidery on a delicate lawn. Likewise, the back and sleeves of this captivating dress feature raw silk dyed and embellished, as well as beautifully embroidered cuffs on a peaceful property. Additionally, this fascinating dress boasts Daman Kills and patti embroidery on its lawn border, making this dress an ideal winter ensemble!

S231-007A-DE Open Goan dress features embellishments to give it extra allure. From sequins, embroidered patti, and tassels adorning its Moroccan-inspired design to sequins adorning its tailoring, creating an incredible silhouette of chicness and elegance, it makes a statement at any winter event!

Sana Safinaz’s Winter Luxury Collection 23 Open Goan S231-007A-DE Open Goan features a sumptuous gold paste-printed velvet dupatta to keep you cozy during the cold months ahead. The combination of dark purple dupatta with magenta open goan is stunning, representing Sana Safinaz’s design philosophy to perfection. Furthermore, its pinkish purple cotton Tencel pant provides classic styling for formal or semi-formal events.

The Open Goan is constructed of raw silk, making it both soft and durable simultaneously. The velvet fabric used in its creation ensures it fits comfortably against winter elements, while Tencel cotton material provides excellent strength – in this instance, dark purple for both parts, as well as pinkish purple on both trousers.


Sana Safinaz’s Winter Luxury Collection 23 offers women the S231-007A-DE Open Goan as an ideal way to stay fashionable during the winter season. This dress stands out with its captivating Magenta and Dark Purple color palette and Moroccan-inspired Kacha Tanka embroidery, making it the ideal dress for formal or semi-formal events. Made with raw silk, velvet, and cotton Tencel fabric, it makes wearing it comfortable yet durable, perfect for formal occasions. Women living in the UK, predominantly Pakistani and Indian women, will find this collection irresistible during Winter!

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