Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-007B-DE


Brand: Sana Safinaz
Fabric: Raw silk
Collection: Winter Luxury Collection 23


Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Sana Safinaz Winter Luxury Collection 23 presents the stunning S231-007B-DE Shalwar Kameez ensemble to introduce luxury and elegance at its best. Be prepared to be amazed by this striking ensemble, boasting exquisite embroidery, sumptuous fabrics, exquisite embellishments, mesmerizing design elements, a harmonious color palette, and meticulous construction of each detail of this outfit crafted to perfection – enter Sana Safinaz’s Winter Luxury Collection Shalwar Kameez for the epitome of sophistication!

Start with the Kameez. Fashioned from luxurious raw silk, its front and back surfaces are decorated with Moroccan-inspired kacha tanka embroidery on both front and back surfaces, as well as intricate sleeves featuring intricate embroidery. Additionally, its cuffs and daman feature exquisite lawn embroidery for added texture, and to finish off this ensemble, an eye-catching lawn border and patti embroidery are added for additional texture.

This ensemble is truly mesmerizing with its exquisite embellishments. The intricately embroidered kameez patch, accented with oversized pearls and tassels, stands out against its teal blue fabric in stunning contrast – creating a glamorous and luxurious aesthetic perfect for special events or festive gatherings.

Velvet dupattas add a soft, luxurious finish to an ensemble, adding movement and flow with their gold-paste printed designs complementing the teal blue color of the kameez. Elegant fabric drapes beautifully to complete the ensemble.

To provide ultimate comfort, the rotary-printed pant is constructed of cotton tensile. Perfect for colder climates, this fabric ensures you remain cozy while looking stylish – plus, its vibrant teal blue hue completes a harmonious and complementary ensemble!

Sana Safinaz’s S231-007B-DE Winter Luxury Collection Shalwar Kameez is an exquisite work of art that exudes elegance, luxury, and sophistication. Crafted by skilled artisans in Pakistan or India for London-based ladies looking for stunning attire for an upcoming special event or festive gathering, this ensemble will leave a lasting impression and turn heads wherever it goes – ideal if you live here too and require something to make a statement at events or festive gatherings! Treat yourself to the luxury and elegance only Sana Safinaz offers, and feel like royalty in their latest Winter Luxury Collection Shalwar Kameez!

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