Embroidered Linen – SC-02 Imani


Brand: Qalamkar
Collection: Luxury Winter 23


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Introducing Qalamkar hottest addition, the SC-02 Imani Shalwar Kameez, from their Luxury Winter 23 collection. Prepare to be amazed by its exquisite embroidery and vibrant, sunny yellow shade.

Front and Center:

The kameez steals the show with its elegant embroidered center panel. The intricate design, carefully crafted with yellow thread, effortlessly contrasts against the linen fabric.

Sides that Shine:

The left and right side panels are adorned with stunning yellow embroidery that stretches to the border, creating a mesmerizing woven effect.

Sleeves of Splendor:

The sleeves boast gorgeous yellow embroidery, adding a whole new dimension to the outfit and making it even more eye-catching.

Flair from Front to Back:

The front and back of the kameez feature breathtaking embroidered borders, delicately enhancing the outfit’s allure.

Motifs that Matter:

In addition to the sleeve embroidery, strategically placed motifs add a wow factor to the design, making a bold statement.

Patch Perfect:

The sleeves also showcase embroidered patches, providing an extra layer of detail and texture, beautifully complementing the overall embroidery.

Simply Stunning:

The kameez’s back remains plain, delivering a touch of simplicity that balances out the intricate front and sides, creating a harmonious ensemble.

Chikankari Elegance:

The SC-02 Imani Shalwar Kameez comes complete with a gorgeous Chikankari embroidered dupatta, perfectly matching the kameez and completing the outfit with a cohesive look.

Delicate Details:

The dupatta also features Chikankari embroidered lace, lending a touch of delicacy that adds depth to the entire ensemble.

Perfectly Paired:

Paired with plain yellow trousers, the SC-02 Imani Shalwar Kameez strikes a perfect balance between the extravagant embroidery of the kameez and the simplicity of the trousers.

Radiant in Yellow:

This exquisite ensemble is designed in a vibrant and cheerful yellow colour scheme that brings life and energy to the entire outfit, perfectly complementing the linen and net fabrics.

Fabric Bliss:

The kameez and trousers are made with soft and comfortable linen, guaranteeing a pleasant wearing experience. The net fabric used for the dupatta creates a flowing effect that matches the kameez flawlessly. Combining both materials adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance to the ensemble.

A True Masterpiece:

Overall, Qalamkar’s SC-02 Imani Shalwar Kameez from their Luxury Winter 23 collection is an absolute work of art that demands attention. With its intricate embroidery and stunning yellow colour scheme, this outfit is a showstopper for any occasion. The comfortable and elegant linen and net fabrics only enhance its beauty. Take the chance to own this stunning masterpiece and make a statement wherever you go.