Embroidered luxury-lawn – Shigar-D5 A


Brand: Crimson
Embroidered luxury-lawn
Collection: Crimson x Saira Shakira Luxury Lawn 2023


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Regarding traditional Pakistani apparel, nothing beats the beauty and charm of lawn dresses. With the advent of summer, lawn dresses have taken the Pakistani fashion world by storm – and Crimson and Saira Shakira are leading the way with their joint venture, the luxurious Crimson x Saira Shakira Lawn Collection 2023. In particular, the Shigar-D5 A B dress is a sight to behold – and an absolute must-have for Pakistani ladies living in the UK.

Craftsmanship That Speaks for Itself

The Shigar-D5 A B dress is a masterpiece of craftsmanship in every sense of the word. From the hand-appliqued gold printed front to the lace shoulder and neck inserts and marori neckline, there’s no denying the sheer attention to detail that’s gone into making this dress. You’ll find that the delicately coloured work, which draws attention to the ghagra-worked florals, is particularly striking. It’s the perfect blend of traditional Pakistani embroidery and contemporary design trends, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Not to be outdone, the pants feature cutwork embroidery borders. This subtle yet effective touch adds to the elegance of the dress. The dupatta, of course, is the crowning glory – hand-appliqued satin and gold tissue on the borders, with the centre printed in beautifully rendered florals on the woven net. It’s the perfect complement to the dress, completing the look with incomparable grace.

Perfect for Pakistani Ladies in the UK

Regarding Pakistani fashion, there are plenty of options in the UK. However, the Shigar-D5 A B dress is a cut above the rest. It’s ideal for Pakistani ladies living in the UK, thanks to its light, breezy material and airy design. It’s perfect for the summer months when the heat can become unbearable. Yet, it retains all the warmth and charm of traditional Pakistani apparel. Whether attending a formal event or hanging out with friends, the Shigar-D5 A B dress is guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks.

Another great thing about the Shigar-D5 A B dress is its versatility. It’s the kind of dress you can wear to a wedding, a party, a formal family gathering, or even to work (depending on your office dress code, of course!). With its subtle yet stunning design, it’s the kind of dress that can be dressed up or down – and with the right accessories, it can take on a life of its own.

In conclusion, the Shigar-D5 A B dress by Crimson and Saira Shakira is a true gem. This dress embodies the elegance, beauty, and grace of traditional Pakistani apparel while also reflecting the contemporary design trends of the modern world. It’s the perfect addition to any wardrobe and an homage to the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. Suppose you’re a Pakistani lady living in the UK. In that case, there’s no reason not to add this exquisite dress to your collection – you won’t be disappointed! So indulge yourself – and step out in style with the Shigar-D5 A B dress.