Embroidered Valvet UF-249


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza


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Baroque Velvet UF-249 in 2023: A Timeless Pakistani Shalwar Kameez.Are you attending a formal event soon and unsure what to wear? Pakistani outfits could be just the thing – comfortable, traditional, and fashionable all in one! The Baroque Velvet Collection 2023 includes Velvet UF-249 from their Baroque Velvet UF Collection, which makes a striking shalwar kameez with rich black velvet material and stunning embroidery detailing, making this timeless staple stand out from the crowd. Read on to gain more knowledge about this timeless piece.

Let’s begin with the Kameez details. Its combination of an embroidered velvet front with an organza back patch creates an interesting juxtaposition. The neckline features stunning round neck style details adorned with exquisite organza embroidery details, while at its back there is an understated round neck style featuring an embroidered motif for a subtle but beautiful touch. Lastly, wide-width sleeves and thick patch cuffs ensure a dynamic yet understated balance of boldness and understatement.

The dupatta is equally eye-catching with its stunning combination of an embroidered digital print throughout and two side borders, as well as grip patches featuring beautiful hand-stitched designs enhanced by a Mushroom hue. Together, these elements produce an outstanding design. It truly stands out in an otherwise stark black kameez. The overall effect is breathtakingly beautiful!

The trousers are also an impressive feature of this look; their beautiful velvet floral patch adds dimension and texture. Overall, UF-249 offers an eye-catching ensemble to help anyone feel confident and fashionable at any formal event.

But what of the colors and fabrics used? The almost black kameez and trousers contrast beautifully against each other, while the mushroom-colored dupatta completes this elegant ensemble effortlessly. Furthermore, velvet and organza fabrics add depth and richness, giving this ensemble sophistication and allure.


In summary, the Baroque Velvet UF-249 shalwar kameez is an elegant piece designed by Pakistan. They boast intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and an eye-catching color scheme. Each component works together seamlessly – the kameez, dupatta, and trousers combine perfectly to form an eye-catching ensemble perfect for formal events. Don’t hesitate to add one to your wardrobe; the Baroque Velvet UF-249 will perfectly complete any formal event’s attire.