Embroidered Valvet UF-253


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza


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Velvet UF-253 Shalwar Kameez Is A Luxurious Pakistani Wedding and Formal Wear Option

Velvet is a timeless fabric that perfectly suits special events such as Pakistani weddings, formal events, and festive celebrations, reflecting elegance, sophistication, and glamour. When dressing up for these events, Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 line should be on your radar; in particular, the Velvet UF-253 Shalwar Kameez stands out – take a closer look at its intricate details to understand why this piece belongs in any wardrobe!

The Kameez:

 The Velvet UF-253 Kameez features beautiful embroidery on both front and back panels of its classic piece with its standard length, round neck style, embroidered organza neckline adornment, dori tassels with small pearl accents on cuffs, wide sleeves adorned with velvet with small pearl accents on cuffs, an embroidered organza patch at back neckline patch, dori tassels at deep round neckline patch with dori tassels with dori tassels as part of its charm; its deep round back neck style makes this piece suitable for most body types – perfect!

The Dupatta:

The Velvet UF-253 features an organza dupatta embellished with gorgeous embroidery floral prints throughout and four side borders adorned with an intricately designed embroidered patti that perfectly completes its overall design. Rangoon green adds elegance to this dress while matching perfectly against its black kameez and trousers counterparts.

The Trousers:

The Velvet UF-253 Shalwar Kameez comes with trousers that complement its black hue, featuring beautiful floral embroidery and an embroidered patch for added richness. It is made of velvet fabric for a royal finish – suitable for formal events and festive celebrations!

Velvet UF-253 stands out due to its striking colors. Combining a black kameez and trousers with a Rangoon green dupatta creates an eye-catching yet subdued ensemble, making this piece versatile and an investment-worthy addition to your wardrobe.


The Baroque Velvet Collection 2023 boasts high-quality velvet and organza fabrics. The Velvet UF-253 Shalwar Kameez showcases luxurious velvet fabric on kameez and trousers and beautiful embroidery organza fabric for its dupatta. Velvet provides exceptionally comfortable and secure wear, making long hours more enjoyable than ever!


The Velvet UF-253 Shalwar Kameez is an exquisite Pakistani wedding wear, formal wear, and festive wear outfit you won’t want to miss. It’s no wonder why Pakistani women favor it as formal wear or festive wear attire, boasting intricate embroidery work, beautiful fabrics, versatile colors, and classic design elements that set this piece apart. Baroque’s elegant and timeless designs mean investing in this dress will serve you for many years of celebrations ahead – don’t miss this chance; get your hands on one today!