Embroidered Valvet – UF-421


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023


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Velvet UF 421 Is Perfect for Pakistani Wedding and Festive Wear

Finding an ensemble for formal events and special occasions can be a daunting challenge. However, with Baroque Velvet Collection 2023 and their beautiful velvet UF 421 shalwar kameez, you can go right! Pakistani weddings, formal events, and festive gatherings got even more exciting with this gorgeous outfit – which we will explore further in this blog post.

The velvet UF 421 shalwar kameez is an elegant long-length dress crafted from velvet fabric for an opulent and luxurious appearance. The front panel of this long-length dress features two pieces of embroidered velvet panels topped with an exquisite patti at its neckline; these add depth and texture to this formal occasion dress; it can even come equipped with thick embroidered patches sporting small tassels on their borders for complete elegance!

This shalwar kameez features wide sleeves with stunning velvet and floral embroidery on its cuffs for added elegance and sophistication. Additionally, its thick embroidered patch hemline features small tassels on its border, adding a unique flair to its traditional Pakistani design.

The trousers feature plain velvet material with a cutwork round design to complement the kameez aesthetic. Their dark brown hue also pairs perfectly with it for an ideal combination. They are, overall, creating an ensemble appearance.

The velvet UF 421 shalwar kameez is an ideal outfit for formal events and weddings with its luxurious design and elegance. Perfect for Pakistani weddings, formal gatherings, and festive gatherings alike, dress it up or down as needed for any special occasion – an investment piece you will soon be able to wear.

Velvet fabric adds comfort to this shalwar kameez, making it easier to move in and wear for extended hours. Furthermore, its durability ensures that this piece will stand the test of time.


The velvet Uf 421 shalwar kameez from Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 is an ideal addition to your wardrobe for special events like weddings, formal gatherings, and festive gatherings. Boasting luxurious velvet fabric, intricate embroidery, and an original design that stands out, this outfit makes a statement of luxury at any special event you attend – weddings, formal occasions, or festive gatherings! Besides looking amazing – not only is this outfit comfortable yet durable so that it will stand out! Don’t wait any longer – add this stunning dress today and be the center of attention on your next special occasion!