Embroidered Valvet UF-423


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza


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Baroque Velvet Collection 2023’s Velvet UF-423 Is an Excellent Pakistani Wedding Wear Choice

Baroque Velvet UF-423 from their Velvet Collection 2023 will have everyone turning heads on your special day. It will leave you feeling like royalty on this momentous occasion. This beautiful ensemble will turn heads and leave an impressionable memory from this unforgettable occasion!

Let’s begin with the suit, the focal piece of this ensemble. It boasts an elegant velvet front adorned with gorgeous embroidery that shimmers and catches the light, while its plain back makes for the ideal place for necklaces or earrings to add accessories like necklaces or earrings. Plus, its back features an embroidered organza patch for extra elegance – creating a timeless and modern look at the same time!

On to the dupatta, you’ll love its delicate floral embroidery throughout its fabric, creating an understated but eye-catching pattern that goes well with any suit. But its fundamental star feature is its thick embroidered patch edging each side of its border: intricate designs and rich hues give this dupatta a royal appearance and a regal aesthetic.

Not to be missed on any sharara suit ensemble is its signature sharara itself, and this one does not disappoint. With its intricate shuttle lace design adding texture and interest and cocoa bean color perfectly complementing suit and dupatta pieces, silk makes for extra soft comfort to wear all day or night!

Color palette of this ensemble deserves special consideration, too. The night hue of the suit adds rich and luxurious tones, while the cocoa bean shade of lehenga and dupatta brings warmth and welcomeness into play – working seamlessly together for an aesthetically pleasing result that exudes style and elegance.

Let’s consider where this sharara suit ensemble would make an ideal statement: Pakistani weddings and formal events. With its intricate design and luxurious fabrics from Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023, Velvet UF-423 from Baroque makes an eye-catching impression whether worn by the bride, member of the wedding party, guest of honor, or simply someone looking for the ideal outfit to make them stand out at any special event – Baroque guarantees its high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail – ensuring you look and feel great at any special occasion or wedding party.


Finding the ideal Pakistani wedding wear or formal ensemble requires finding something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, which is precisely what Baroque’s Velvet UF-423 from their Velvet Collection 2023 can do. From its luxurious fabrics and intricate designs to its stunning color palette and exquisite craftsmanship, this sharara suit ensemble from Baroque stands out and makes its wearer stand out like royalty – look no further!