Embroidered Valvet UF-425


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza


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Discover the Baroque Velvet UF-425 Shalwar Kameez from Velvet Collection 2023.As the festive season nears, so too begins the search for the ideal outfit. Baroque, a leading Pakistani fashion brand, brings you their latest and most exquisite collection – the Velvet Collection 2023 – which promises to make this year’s festivities all the more special. Among this line, the Baroque Velvet UF-425 Shalwar Kameez stands out with its elegant design and superior quality; in this blog post, we examine why this should be your next purchase.

The Baroque Velvet UF-425 Shalwar Kameez is an exquisite combination of velvet and organza fabric, making it suitable for formal and festive events. Featuring gorgeous embroidery on both its front and back patches – which exude sophistication – its average length fits comfortably for any height. In contrast, its stunning slash neckstyle with beautiful organza on its neckline patch adds drama. Furthermore, its back neck style features round stitch handwork detailing; its sleeves boast wide-width sleeves with beautifully embroidered patches on their wide-width sleeves with beautiful embroidery around its cuffs!

The dupatta of this outfit is equally exquisite with its intricately embroidered sequence organza embroidery that exudes royalty. Additionally, its borders have velvet patti featuring plain embroidery and two patches featuring more patti. Furthermore, its dirt brown hue perfectly compliments the green palette of its kameez and trouser counterpart.

Baroque Velvet UF-425 Shalwar Kameez features an exquisite trouser embellished with an embroidered velvet patch featuring a patti detail – adding a gorgeous finishing touch. Plush velvet fabric of the highest quality gives this outfit a plush texture and premium feel, creating an ensemble you will cherish wearing day after day.

The Baroque Velvet UF-425 Shalwar Kameez is ideal for formal and festive events, with its distinctive green hue adding an element of freshness to any look. Elegant yet sophisticated and distinct, this ensemble makes a striking statement at weddings, engagements, or formal work gatherings.


The Baroque Velvet UF-425 Shalwar Kameez from their Velvet Collection 2023 is an exquisite outfit perfect for any special event. Boasting beautiful embroidery details, premium velvet and organza fabrics, and an eye-catching color combination, this outfit stands out from others. From its gorgeous embroidery details and quality velvet fabrics to its distinctive color combination and chic color combination, this must-have outfit stands out among its peers! The kameez, dupatta, and trousers combine to form an elegant ensemble that will turn heads; don’t delay visiting your nearest Baroque outlet and get this beauty today!