Embroidered Valvet UF-427


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza

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Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 presents this luxurious UF-427 Shalwar Kameez made of velvet fabric.

Are you searching for a luxurious, stylish outfit for a Pakistani wedding or formal event? Look no further than Baroque’s velvet UF-427 Shalwar Kameez from their Velvet Collection 2023; this beautiful dress will surely make an impactful fashion statement. Featuring exquisite embroidery, beautiful neckline design, soft velvet fabric, and organza fabric – everything necessary to feel like royalty is present here – let’s take a closer look!

The velvet UF-427 Shalwar Kameez is an eye-catching dress that expertly blends traditional Pakistani dress styles with modern design elements. Both panels of the kameez are constructed of embroidered velvet for an eye-catching and luxurious appearance, giving this ensemble a rich and royal vibe. A boat neck style features a beautiful embroidered organza patch on both necklines and an exquisite boat neck style features an embroidered organza patch on both front and back necklines for added sophistication. A deep round back neck features an embroidered patti with tiny pearls, perfect for showing off statement necklaces or earrings; sleeves feature standard width with thick embroidered patches featuring thick embroidered patches featuring tiny pearls at both cuffs for extra elegance!

The dupatta of this dress is equally remarkable, featuring intricate embroidery of small floral motifs scattered throughout, giving the fabric a rugged yet feminine aesthetic. Additionally, its borders boast thickly embroidered patches featuring shuttle lace on all four sides for a sophisticated finish. Furthermore, its Baltic Sea color and night color options give this ensemble an undeniably stylish aesthetic that stands out.

The velvet UF-427 Shalwar Kameez boasts trousers crafted of plain velvet that feature floral embroidery on its thick embroidered patch border, providing comfortable yet stylish and elegant wearability.

This dress is ideal for Pakistani wedding wear, formal events, and festive occasions. Its soft velvet fabric and intricate embroidery detailing will leave you feeling beautiful and confident!


This velvet UF-427 Shalwar Kameez from Baroque Velvet Collection 2023 may be just what you need for your next Pakistani wedding or formal event! Boasting luxurious velvet fabric, intricate embroidery, an attractive neckline, and its dupatta and trousers add sophistication – make an impression wherever you go with this stunning dress today and leave an indelible mark!