Embroidered Net – Valentina by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23


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Indulge in the epitome of timeless glamour with our stunning article “Valentina by Tabeer.” This piece is not merely a dress but a celebration of heritage and modernity, crafted with meticulous attention to detail that speaks directly to the hearts of Pakistani and Indian ladies residing in the UK. From Farasha’s esteemed “Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23” collection, Valentina encapsulates the essence of traditional opulence combined with contemporary aesthetics.

Elegance Redefined: The Story of Valentina

Valentina by Tabeer is designed for the discerning woman who covets a blend of classic allure and modern sophistication. The delicate floral embroidery on the net fabric creates an enchanting interplay of texture and transparency. Clad in this exquisite maroon ensemble, one embodies the spirit of every grand celebration, be it a wedding ceremony or an elegant soirée.

The Fabric: Exquisite Net – A Symphony in Maroon

The choice of net fabric for Valentina by Tabeer is deliberate—a testament to its feather-light feel and sheer elegance. Its fluidity and grace set the stage for the intricate floral motifs that dance across the bodice and sleeves, adding a dimension of depth and craftsmanship that is second to none.

The Embroidery: Artistry in Every Stitch

Embroidered net front and back bodice, panels, and sleeves showcase complex patterns brought to life with precision and care. Each thread weaves a tale of Farasha’s commitment to preserving the art of embroidery. Accents of gold on vibrant maroon breathe life into the fabric, capturing the light and the admiration of onlookers.

The Lehenga: Tradition Meets Contemporary Chic

A harmonious counterpart to the embroidered bodice, the digitally printed lehenga is a canvas that exhibits an eclectic mix of traditional paisleys and modern abstracts. The rich red hue adds a touch of passion and sophistication, signifying love and power—perfect for making a statement at any prestigious event.

The Dupatta: The Final Flourish

Complete your ensemble with the borer embroidered organza dupatta. It is not just an accessory but a crowning glory that drapes effortlessly, bringing balance and beauty to the outfit. The embroidered organza borders add structure and finesse, framing the face and form with poetic elegance.

The Sleeves: A Graceful Embrace

Sleeves often remain an afterthought, but not with Valentina by Tabeer. They are a significant element, offering a graceful embrace with their embroidered net adorned with borders. They provide just enough coverage while allowing glimpses of skin, alluding to a subtle sensuality that is both tasteful and enticing.

The Neckline Patch: A Statement of Sophistication

To adorn the neckline, an embroidered organza patch perfectly complements the grandeur of the attire. This intricate piece is not just a part of the dress but acts as a jewel against the canvas of the bodice, highlighting the elegance that Farasha is renowned for.

The Inner and Trousers: The Foundation of the Ensemble

Beneath the layers of embroidery and embellishments lies the foundation of the Valentina attire—the digitally printed grip trousers and inner. These elements ensure comfort without compromising style, offering a base that accentuates the grandeur of what lies above.

Details That Matter: A Finishing Touch of Perfection

With two sets of embroidered organza dupatta borders, the attention to detail on Valentina by Tabeer is impeccable. Even the reverse side of the dupatta is considered, ensuring that the ensemble is perfect from every angle.

Farasha: Crafting Dreams into Reality

Farasha has long been a bastion of high-quality, designer wear that honours South Asian culture while embracing Western aesthetics. Each piece, including Valentina by Tabeer, reflects an unwavering standard of quality and design thoughtfulness, positioning Farasha as a coveted label among the style-conscious.

Step into Luxury with Valentina by Tabeer

Valentina by Tabeer invites you to step into a world where luxury is woven into every thread, and style is inherent in every fold. For the Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK, this dress offers an outfit and an exaltation of your inherent grace and sophistication. Embrace the allure of Valentina by Tabeer—a garment that transcends fashion to become a piece of legacy. Whether it’s your moment in the spotlight or a cherished memory in the making, make it unforgettable in Valentina by Farasha.

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