Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 33


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23


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Baroque presents their VS 33 Collection: Embroidered Velvet Shawls for Pakistani Weddings and Festive Wears.

Baroque’s VS 33 collection will take your wardrobe to new heights! No matter if you are a bride, bridesmaid, or simply seeking the perfect addition for festive occasions – embroidered velvet shawls with intricate floral embroidery and tassels make sure that you stand out in any crowd. Let’s discover more of this exciting collection!

The VS 33 collection boasts velvet shawls made with high-quality fabric for maximum softness and comfort against your skin. Available in rich dark brown hues to coordinate with any ensemble, these velvet pieces add a luxurious feel that makes any special event truly memorable.

One of the hallmarks of the VS 33 collection is the intricate floral embroidery found adorning each shawl in this series. Handcrafted embroidery adds depth and elegance, adding dimension and uniqueness. Floral designs are hand embroidered by master embroiderers with precision and care, giving each shawl its character and personality.

The VS 33 shawls also include playful yet sophisticated elements like tassels and triangle lace embellishments to complete their sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. These embellishments beautifully accent floral embroidery on these gorgeous works of art, turning the shawls into works of art themselves.

The VS 33 collection is ideal for Pakistani wedding wear and festive occasions, whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or attending any special event. From brides to bridesmaids or attending special events – these shawls add an eye-catching piece to any look.

They can easily match multiple outfits, making this essential to your wardrobe! Available in dark brown hues to complement a range of outfits, these beautiful accessories will become staple pieces within no time!


Baroque’s VS 33 Collection of Embroidered Velvet Shawls from Baroque are essential accessories for Pakistani wedding wear and festive events, featuring high-quality fabric with intricate floral embroidery, tassels, and tiny triangle lace that make these masterpieces of wearability genuinely remarkable. Add them to your ensemble for added impact – don’t miss out, and add these beautiful accessories now to your wardrobe!