Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 41


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23


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Unlocking the Magic of Baroque Shawl Collections: VS 41

The Pakistani fashion industry is widely revered for its intricate embroidery, intricate details, and timeless elegance. While fast fashion and Western influence threaten to weaken Eastern fashion traditions, some brands, such as Baroque, continue to uphold them with modern touches – their VS 41 collection flaunts intricate embellishments on velvet fabric while boasting beautiful decorations on the trims themselves. We will delve further into the world of Baroque’s collections of shawls to uncover its magic! In this blog post.

Baroque Shawl Collection’s latest offering, the VS 41, will draw admiring gazes. Crafted of luxurious velvet fabric adorned with exquisite embroidery that exudes luxury and sophistication, its plush fabric provides warmth while adding depth and texture to your outfit. Furthermore, its floral embroidery, tiny pearls, embroidered patch, and patti are carefully balanced, giving the shawl an eternal elegance that can last through time.

Baroque understands the significance of colors in Eastern fashion, and choosing this exquisite shade of purple as part of its VS 41 collection shows its care in honoring Pakistani fashion through timelessness and elegance.

The VS 41 Shawl by Baroque is more than clothing; it’s an experience. Boasting intricate detailing, plush fabric, and an imperial color scheme that make it the ideal accent piece for Pakistani wedding wear and festive occasions, its intricate detailing, plush fabric, and royal hue make it a stand-out feature in any ensemble – be it over shalwar kameez or alongside modern gown. It stands as a testament to both Pakistani fashions and Baroque’s ability to infuse modern accents into it all!

Baroque collection shawls are works of art in themselves; each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail to become timeless pieces that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. VS 41 is no different; it features Velvet fabric embroidered with small floral embroidery, tiny pearls, and an embroidered patch. The patti features meticulous attention to creating its timeless beauty that will always remain fashionable.


Baroque’s collections of shawls are an impressive testament to Pakistani fashion’s beauty and elegance. The VS 41 from this brand’s offering stands as proof that tradition can coexist with modernity in clothing that’s both timeless and current. Crafted with plush velvet fabric, intricate embroidery, and its striking shade of purple makes, it is the ideal accessory for Pakistani weddings and festive events – not to mention lasting for generations without going out of style! Baroque understands Eastern fashion’s significance while adapting to changing times, so if you want something timeless but elegant, this piece from Baroque is your perfect solution.