Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 46


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23


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A classic addition to Pakistani wedding and festive wear. The Embroidered Velvet Shawl: Timeless in its Design

Shawls have become an essential component of traditional Pakistani attire, particularly wedding and festival wear. Not only can they keep you warm, but their elegance adds sophistication to your ensemble. Suppose you love shawls and are searching for timeless pieces to invest in. In that case, Baroque’s selection of embroidered velvet shawls, mainly their VS 46 work, is worth considering – in this blog post, we’ll look closer at this timeless piece and its embellishments and colors, as well as occasions in which it works best.

The Baroque Collection’s shawls include the VS 46 Shawl, known for its intricate embroidery and luxurious fabrics. What sets this particular shawl apart is its use of velvet fabric, lending plush texture and further enhancing its richness. Furthermore, its use of floral motifs adds whimsicality, while its intricate embroidery sets it apart from more conventional shawls.

The VS 46 Shawl features a vibrant blue shade ideal for Pakistani weddings and festive wear. Its dynamic hue will complement most traditional outfits while adding a pop of color and contrast to more subdued ensembles. Furthermore, blue is a universally flattering color that looks good on all skin tones and adds an air of regality to any ensemble.

For any special event or festive gathering, the VS 46 Shawl is perfect. Pakistani weddings often consist of multiple events that require different attire for each celebration; with its versatility as both formal and semi-formal wear, as well as Eid or other festive occasions coming up, it makes for an excellent investment!

The Velvet fabric used to craft the VS 46 shawl not only looks luxurious but also keeps you warm – ideal for winter events! Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry and drape over shoulders; plus, its intricate patterns and details provide photo ops perfect for Instagram posts, as well as creating memories to last a lifetime!


Overall, the Baroque Collection Shawls’ VS 46 embroidered velvet shawl is an indispensable addition to your traditional Pakistani wardrobe. Boasting intricate embroidery, plush velvet fabric, and vibrant blue hue, its versatility makes it worth investing in for weddings or festive events such as Eid. Wear it alongside traditional outfits for added elegance and sophistication!