Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 47


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23

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Discovering the Magic of Baroque Shawl Collections: Meet VS 47

Fashion enthusiasts understand the impact of quality accessories on an outfit. Jewelry, handbags, and shoes come to mind, but one addition shouldn’t be neglected: shawls. One from Baroque’s collections will add the right flare and elegance for Pakistani or festive wear, such as wedding attire. We will look closer at one such captivating shawl – the VS 47 – today.

Let’s take a closer look at this exquisite piece. The VS 47 embroidered velvet shawl features intricate floral embroidery and small pearl embellishments on its floral patches adorned with tiny pearls for a striking design that makes for eye-catching wearable art. Dark brown tones add depth and richness, making this ideal for Pakistani wedding wear or festive events.

The Baroque VS 47 Shawl is crafted from velvet, an iconic fabric associated with luxury and elegance. Velvet has long been associated with high fashion due to its luxurious yet soft surface, which hugs the body beautifully, as well as being versatile enough for use with various outfits without compromising comfort. Baroque has further elevated this material’s status by creating this eye-catching statement piece and giving us something worth admiring!

The VS 47 draws inspiration from traditional Pakistani embroidery, elevating it with its contemporary design. Floral embroidery and patches combine with pearls to add sophistication and glamour. It seamlessly bridges old with new, making this an accessory suitable for people of all ages.

While the VS 47 is breathtaking, it becomes even more mesmerizing when worn with the right ensemble. Thanks to its dark brown tones, this stunning necklace can complement a variety of dresses; however, muted tones and gold accessories add depth and enhance the overall look for maximum impact. If you’re searching for ways to elevate your outfit further than before, starting with this piece would help elevate any look!


In conclusion, the VS 47 from Baroque Shawls is an impressive example of its collection of shawls. Elegant yet versatile and exquisitely crafted, it showcases Baroque’s dedication to offering fashion enthusiasts statement pieces that add flair and sophistication to their ensembles. Make an impression at your next event with Baroque’s VS 47!