Embroidered Khaddi Net – X24 V211


Brand: Sapphire
Collections: Lux Eid Collection 2024
Fabric: Embroidered Khaddi Net


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Eid in the UK for Pakistani and Indian ladies has always been a grand affair, an opportunity to showcase their best attire, blending tradition with contemporary fashion. This year, Sapphire , a brand synonymous with elegance and sophistication, introduces the X24 V211 from their Lux Eid Collection 2024. This ensemble is not just a dress; it’s a statement. Designed for the woman who walks with grace and confidence, the X24 V211 is here to redefine your Eid celebrations.

The Essence of X24 V211

Crafted with precision and care, the X24 V211 is a luxurious three-piece outfit with charm and elegance. It features a stunning ink-blue colour that captures the essence of the night sky, promising to make you shine brighter than the stars this Eid. With its dyed embroidered blended viscose khadi net shirt and dupatta paired with sleek raw silk trousers, this ensemble is a masterclass in craftsmanship and style.

The Shirt: A Tapestry of Dreams

The heart of the X24 V211 lies in its intricately designed shirt. The front, sleeves, and sides are adorned with exquisite embroidery on a blended viscose khadi net fabric, creating a visual spectacle that is both breathtaking and elegant. The embroidered hem border adds a touch of sophistication, making it a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Accompanied by a dyed viscose Thai silk slip, the shirt promises unparalleled style and comfort that lasts all day.

The Dupatta: Elegance Unraveled

No Eid outfit is complete without the perfect dupatta, and the X24 V211 delivers with finesse. Crafted from dyed embroidered crinkle chiffon, the dupatta in ink blue is the ideal companion for the shirt, adding layers of elegance and grace to the ensemble. Its lightweight fabric ensures it drapes beautifully, enhancing your silhouette and completing your Eid look with a flourish.

The Trousers: The Foundation of Grace

Grounding this ethereal outfit are the trousers made from dyed viscose raw silk. The fabric choice speaks volumes of the ensemble’s premium quality, offering a comfortable yet stylish base that perfectly complements the shirt and dupatta. These trousers epitomise elegance, ensuring your Eid look is polished, sophisticated, and chic.

A Celebration of Colour

The ink blue colour of the X24 V211 is not just a choice; it’s a statement. Symbolising depth, power, and stability, it’s a colour that flatters every skin tone, ensuring that you stand out in every Eid gathering. This ensemble is a celebration of colour, embodying the joy and spirit of Eid in every thread.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each stitch and pattern on the X24 V211 tells a story of unmatched craftsmanship. Sapphire’s artisans have poured their heart and soul into creating an outfit that’s visually stunning and a piece of art you can wear. This Eid, let your attire be a testament to tradition, artistry, and modern elegance.

Comfort Meets Style

Gone are the days when style came at the cost of comfort. The X24 V211 is a testament that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The breathable khadi net, combined with the luxurious feel of Thai silk and the elegance of viscose raw silk trousers, ensures you stay comfortable while looking your absolute best throughout your Eid celebrations.

Versatility Redefined

The true beauty of the X24 V211 lies in its versatility. Whether attending a grand Eid gala or celebrating with close family, this ensemble can be styled to suit every occasion. Accessorise with bold statement jewellery for a glamorous look, or keep it simple for an understated elegance. With the X24 V211, the possibilities are endless.

Embracing Eid with X24 V211

This Eid, the X24 V211 by Sapphire invites you to embrace elegance like never before. It’s more than just an outfit; it’s a companion in your celebrations, a canvas for your memories. As you gather with loved ones, let the X24 V211 reflect your joy, your traditions, and your impeccable taste.

In a world where fashion is fleeting, the X24 V211 stands as a beacon of timeless beauty, marrying the essence of Eid with the tastes of the contemporary Pakistani and Indian woman in the UK. It respects tradition while boldly stepping into the modern era, promising to make your Eid celebrations unforgettable.