Embroidered Chiffon – X24 V227


Brand: Sapphire
Collections: Lux Eid Collection 2024
Fabric: Embroidered Chiffon


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Ladies, it’s time to elevate your Eid wardrobe with a splash of floral elegance and a dash of contemporary chic. Introducing the X24 V227 by Sapphire from our Lux Eid Collection 2024 – a fashion-forward ensemble designed for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the UK who are ready to make heads turn this festive season. Let’s dive into why the X24 V227 isn’t just an outfit; it’s your ticket to becoming the trendsetter of Eid gatherings.

A Symphony in Ivory

Imagine stepping into Eid celebrations wrapped in the ethereal beauty of ivory, adorned with the most delicate printed and embroidered florals. The X24 V227 shirt is a masterpiece of crinkle chiffon that whispers tales of spring gardens and romantic poetry. With its printed embroidered front, sleeves, and a gracefully printed back, this shirt isn’t just attire; it’s a canvas where tradition meets modern artistry.

The Art of Embroidery

But wait, there’s more! The neckline and hem of this gorgeous shirt are framed with exquisite embroidery, adding a touch of regal sophistication. And let’s not forget the sleeves – bordered with embroidery that speaks volumes of meticulous craftsmanship. This shirt is not just designed; it’s curated for the diva who loves to express her style with grace.

The Dupatta: A Veil of Timeless Charm

What’s an Eid outfit without the perfect dupatta? The X24 V227 brings you a printed crinkle chiffon dupatta that complements the shirt like poetry complements prose. It’s like carrying a piece of the ivory moonlight around your shoulders, making you the embodiment of ethereal beauty at every Eid soirée.

The Trousers: Chic Foundations

To complete this ensemble, slip into the dyed Pk Raw Silk trousers that promise comfort without compromising on style. But here’s the kicker – the trousers come with an embroidered border, because at Sapphire, we believe every inch of your outfit should speak volumes of luxury and sophistication.

Why X24 V227 is Your Eid Wardrobe Hero

In a world where fashion evolves faster than you can double-tap on Instagram, the X24 V227 stands out as a timeless yet trendy masterpiece. It’s for the woman who commands attention the moment she steps into a room, for the one who’s a trendsetter at heart.

Celeb-Approved Style

Picture this: your favourite Bollywood and Pakistani celebrities, draped in the finest Eid wear, setting trends left, right, and centre. Now imagine yourself joining their ranks with the X24 V227. Yes, ladies, this ensemble is your personal stylist, ensuring you’re always red-carpet ready, even if it’s just the Eid Milan party next door.

For the Social Media Sensation

We know you love your #OOTD posts and TikTok fashion hauls. The X24 V227 is photogenic from every angle, ensuring your social media game is as strong as your fashion sense. Get ready for a barrage of “Where did you get that outfit?” comments.

Comfort Meets Chic

Who said looking fabulous meant compromising on comfort? The X24 V227 challenges that notion with its breezy crinkle chiffon and soft raw silk trousers, ensuring you’re as comfortable greeting guests as you are posing for those Insta-worthy snaps.