Embroidered Cotton Net – X24 V23


Brand: Sapphire
Collections: Lux Eid Collection 2024
Fabric: Embroidered Cotton Net


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As the crescent moon heralds the arrival of Eid, it’s time to embrace tradition with a touch of contemporary elegance. The X24 V23 by Sapphire is the epitome of grace, designed exclusively for the Pakistani and Indian ladies residing in the UK. This ready-to-wear designer dress redefines festive wear, combining the richness of cultural heritage with modern-day fashion sensibilities. Prepare to be the epitome of sophistication and style this Eid with the X24 V23 – a masterpiece that promises to make your celebrations unforgettable.

The Essence of Elegance: Unveiling X24 V23

Crafted from the finest Cotton Net, the X24 V23 is a testament to the luxurious fabric that has long been associated with high-end fashion. The coin’s grey hue adds a layer of mystique and elegance, making it a versatile choice for Eid festivities and beyond. The breathable nature of the cotton net ensures comfort without compromising on style, allowing you to move gracefully through your celebrations.

Shirt: Intricately Embroidered Perfection

The dyed embroidered cotton net shirt’s front panels and sleeves are adorned with exquisite embroidery, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. The detailed patterns are inspired by traditional motifs and reimagined to suit the tastes of the modern woman. Each stitch tells a story of heritage, making the X24 V23 not just an outfit but a piece of art.

Back & Hem Border

The dyed cotton net shirt back maintains the essence of understated elegance, while the embroidered hem border adds a touch of glamour. The seamless integration of intricate designs throughout the shirt ensures that every angle is your best.

Viscose Thai Silk Slip

Underpinning the sheer beauty of the cotton net is a dyed Viscose Thai Silk slip, offering an additional layer of luxury and comfort. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the overall look and ensures the outfit caters to modesty preferences.

Dupatta: A Whirlwind of Elegance

The printed Bemberg Tissue Dupatta in coin grey is nothing short of spectacular. Light as air yet rich in design, it complements the ensemble perfectly, adding a dash of drama and sophistication. Whether draped traditionally or styled in a contemporary manner, the dupatta elevates the outfit, making it a complete Eid look.

Trousers: The Epitome of Chic Comfort

Completing the ensemble are the dyed Pk Raw Silk trousers, which embody chic comfort. The fabric’s luxurious feel and impeccable tailoring ensure a flattering fit for all body types. The coin grey colour seamlessly blends with the rest of the outfit, creating a cohesive and elegant look.

For the Connoisseurs of Fine Fashion

X24 V23 is not just a dress; it’s a statement. It’s for the woman who values quality, craftsmanship, and detail. This ensemble celebrates the fine art of fashion, designed to make you stand out in the most sophisticated manner this Eid.

For the Trendsetters and Tradition Keepers

Blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary design elements, the X24 V23 caters to both the trendsetter and the tradition keeper. It respects the roots while reaching for the future, making it the perfect choice for those who wish to honour their heritage in the modern world.

For the Social Media Mavens

In an era where fashion is shared and celebrated across digital platforms, the X24 V23 promises to be a social media sensation. Its photogenic qualities ensure you’ll capture and share moments bound to garner admiration and inspire fashion envy.

For the Comfort Enthusiasts

Sapphire understands that beauty should never come at the expense of comfort. The X24 V23 is a testament to this belief, offering an outfit that allows you to enjoy the festivities without any constraints. From the breathable fabric to the comfortable fit, every aspect of this ensemble has been designed with your ease in mind.