Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 01


Brand: Aik Atelier
Embroidered Velvet
Collection: Zardozi Velvet ‘23


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Ladies of the UK, brace yourselves for a fashion revelation that’s about to redefine elegance! Introducing the ZARDOZI LOOK 01 by Aik Atelier – the ultimate sartorial statement for Pakistani and Indian women who are fans of high-end style and grace.

Embroidery Extravaganza Unleashed

Witness the canvas of luxurious cobalt velvet come alive with golden threads interwoven to create a spectacle of zardozi grandeur. Each stitch tells a story, and each pattern is a sonnet – an art form that dates back to the Mughal era, now reinvented for the modern empress.

Modernity Meets Heritage

And let’s talk about that silhouette – oh, that silhouette! The open front style is a daring nod to the contemporary, flawlessly merging with the eternal charm of teal velvet. It’s the outfit that whispers regal tradition while shouting cutting-edge trends.

Sculpting Elegance: The Shirt

The kameez beckons with its embroidered velvet front, an ode to craftsmanship that ensures you won’t just enter a room; you’ll make an entrance. With the finesse of organza neckline finishing and details like the ornate organza pocket patch, each element elevates the ensemble to a stratosphere of unmatched chic.

Back & Sleeves: Continuity in Elegance

Turn around and let the crowd gasp at the seamlessly embroidered velvet back, a testament to the flawless design continuity. And those sleeves – bordered in medium silk, are nothing short of a stylistic coup d’état!

Bottoms Up: Crushed Masoori Silk Pants

Prepare to stride with the confidence of a queen as the crushed masoori silk pants mould to your form, adding an element of texture that’s as unique as your individualistic spirit. It’s traditional wear, but with the volume turned up to a very fashionable eleven.

The Showstopper: Embroidered Silk Dupatta

But why stop at fabulous when you can be spectacular? The silk dupatta is not just an accessory; it’s the crown jewel of the ZARDOZI LOOK 01. Adorned with an exquisitely embroidered ambi pattern, the pièce de résistance is the high note of your style symphony.

Now is the time to invite the glamour of ZARDOZI LOOK 01 into your wardrobe. This ensemble isn’t about dressing up—it’s about owning your space and exhibiting sophistication. Fashion mavens, trendsetters, style influencers – here’s there’s #OOTD. Be the bell of the ball, every ball, anywhere from Birmingham to Bradford.