Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 02


Brand: Aik Atelier
Embroidered Velvet
Collection: Zardozi- VELVET ‘23


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Elegance personified, the ZARDOZI LOOK 02 by Aik Atelier is a sartorial masterpiece epitomising traditional craftsmanship blended with contemporary design. Conceived for the discerning Pakistani and Indian ladies residing in the UK, this designer ensemble promises to elevate your wardrobe with its opulent aesthetics.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The ZARDOZI LOOK 02 is not just an attire but a lavish tapestry. The shirt, crafted from sumptuous black velvet, is the canvas for a visual spectacle. Gold and red embroidery weave through the fabric, creating intricate patterns that are nothing short of a visual tour de force. Each stitch embodies the rich heritage of zardozi artistry, ensuring that the wearer doesn’t just don a dress but a piece of history.

Embroidered Velvet Shirt

Featuring an embroidered velvet front, the kameez boasts an organza neckline finish that encapsulates luxury. Turn around to reveal an equally spellbinding embroidered velvet back, ensuring allure is present from every angle. The sleeves, also in embroidered velvet, culminate in an embroidered medium silk border, adding a further touch of grandeur.

Crushed Jamawar Pants

The ZARDOZI LOOK 02 transcends conventional styling with its crushed jamawar trousers. This fabric is synonymous with splendour and has been worn by royalty throughout history. Today, it continues to symbolise sophistication, making these pants a perfect pairing to the majestic kameez.

Heavily Worked Chiffon Dupatta

No ensemble is complete without a dupatta that speaks volumes. This heavily worked chiffon masterpiece brings the whole attire together. The embroidery is complemented by an organza border, marrying elegance with extravagance. It’s a token of the fine craftsmanship that Aik Atelier is renowned for.

Rich Colour Palette and Fabric

The choice of black as the primary colour introduces versatility and a powerful statement to one’s wardrobe. Coupled with gold and red embroideries, the ZARDOZI LOOK 02 becomes a timeless, sophisticated piece. Velvet as a base fabric elevates the design, while the collection’s name, ZARDOZI – VELVET ’23, echoes timeless yet modern sensibilities.

Why Choose ZARDOZI LOOK 02?

The ZARDOZI LOOK 02 stands out as a beacon of enduring style in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. Here are reasons why this attire is a must-have:

  • Heritage Meets Modernity: Melding the traditional zardozi technique with modern design, this ensemble appeals to nostalgia and contemporary tastes.
  • Unmatched Quality: Every piece by Aik Atelier is a commitment to quality, and the ZARDOZI LOOK 02 is no exception. From the choice of fabric to the last stitch, excellence is paramount.
  • Statement Piece: Whether attending a wedding, a cultural celebration, or a high-end event, this outfit guarantees you’ll be the centre of attention.
  • Cultural Connection: For the Pakistani and Indian community in the UK, this garment is a way to stay connected to your roots in style.
  • Exclusive Design: With its limited collection, owning a ZARDOZI LOOK 02 means joining an exclusive club of fashion-forward individuals.

How to Style ZARDOZI LOOK 02?

While the ZARDOZI LOOK 02 by Aik Atelier is a statement piece in itself, styling it appropriately can enhance its grandeur:

  • Jewellery: Opt for gold with rubies or garnets to complement the red and gold embroidery.
  • Footwear: Traditional khussa or embellished heels would pair beautifully with the outfit.
  • Makeup: Keep the makeup elegant; a bold lip colour can echo the ensemble’s colours, and a winged eyeliner could define the look.
  • Hairstyle: An updo or a classy bun will ensure your ensemble gets all the attention it deserves.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it’s Diwali, Eid, or a wedding reception, the ZARDOZI LOOK 02 is versatile enough to be your go-to choice for any significant event. It is not merely an outfit but a reflection of culture, a testament to fine workmanship, and an icon of fashion.


Adorn yourself with the ZARDOZI LOOK 02 by Aik Atelier and experience unrepeatable luxury and style. Available now for Pakistani and Indian women in the UK seeking to infuse their wardrobes with the regality of subcontinental fashion at its finest. Embrace zardozi’s allure, velvet’s comfort, and Aik Atelier’s prestige. Place your order today and step into a world where tradition meets trendsetting style.