Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 05


Brand: Aik Atelier
Embroidered Velvet
Collection: Zardozi- VELVET ‘23


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Imagine gliding into the room, the essence of poise and splendour, in a designer ensemble that blends deep traditional roots with the pulse of contemporary fashion. It’s time to introduce the pinnacle of sophistication with a twist of drama: the ZARDOZI LOOK 05 by Aik Atelier. Made for the discerning women in the UK who command attention not just by their presence but by their impeccable taste in fashion.

The Shirt: A Tapestry of Tradition & Trend

The kameez sets the stage with its emerald velvet canvas, a royal hue that pays homage to the heart of South Asian aesthetics. Gold embroidery dances across the fabric, capturing varying shades as light plays over its opulent surface. You don’t wear this shirt; you make a statement with it. Each sequin and thread tells a tale of luxury, from the demure shimmers to the full-throttle flourishes that adorn the neckline and hem. This is not just clothing; it’s wearable artistry.

The Neckline: Where Craft Meets Splendour

Dive into the details, and let the embroidered organza neckline capture your heart. It’s meticulous, it’s regal, and it screams haute couture. Did someone say ‘red carpet ready’? Because with this kameez, you’re serving looks that could rival any A-lister waltzing down Leicester Square.

The Back & Sleeves: Continuity in Craftsmanship

Turning around to leave will be just as impactful as your entrance. With an embroidered velvet back and sleeves bordered by medium silk, there’s no angle at which this outfit doesn’t astonish. Roll up those embellished sleeves and get ready to bask in the glow of endless compliments—because they are coming!

The Trouser: Crushed Jamawar Drama

And then there’s the crushed Jamawar pants, bringing their brand of luxe—the texture alone is a conversation starter. They’re the Posh Spice to your sophisticated look, adding extra oomph and ensuring you’re the trendsetter in any social gathering.

The Dupatta: An Ethereal Cascade

What’s royalty without its crown? The ZARDOZI LOOK 05 comes complete with an embroidered chiffon dupatta, draped effortlessly, diffusing glints of light around you. Framed with a delicate organza border, it’s the perfect foil to the velvet ensemble—a masterpiece floating on a chiffon cloud.

In a Colour That Commands the Room

When we say black, we mean the rich, deep, and utterly irresistible—symbolising power and elegance. It’s not just a choice; it’s an emblem of your taste for the finer things in life.

Embrace the Aik Atelier Vibe

Aik Atelier isn’t just creating outfits; they’re crafting legacies. This ZARDOZI – VELVET ’23 collection is more than just a nod to Pakistani heritage—it’s a revolution dressed in velvet, sequins, and all things glamorous. ZARDOZI LOOK 05 isn’t just any look; it’s the look.

If you’re in the UK and yearning to reignite your closet with a piece that straddles your South Asian heritage and modern lifestyle, ZARDOZI LOOK 05 is your siren call. Let this ensemble by Aik Atelier be your following grand statement. Unapologetically fashionable, it’s time to embrace your inner queen, walk the path of contemporary tradition, and leave a trail of awe in your wake.