Embroidered Net – ZLR 02 HELEN


Brand: Zarif
La Rosella 2023


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The Zarif  La Rosella 2023 collection introduces a dazzling new addition to its lineup of striking dresses with the ZLR 02 HELEN maxi dress. Radiating a light of its own, this magnificent maxi dress will turn heads and make a statement wherever it’s worn.

Design and Embellishment:

Crafted using Sequins Embroidered Net, this maxi dress delivers an air of luxury and glamour with intricate and ornate designs that are artful and one-of-a-kind. Tiny pearls and tassels are added to give the dress a bit of playfulness and texture. Each inch of the maxi dress is ideally crafted to leave you feeling poised and confident.

Unveiling its Color Palette:

Drenched in the dignified Maroon color from top to bottom, this dress transcends boundaries of elegance and sophistication. The pulsating Maroon color highlights the intricate designs and craftsmanship, while the luminous Green Organza adds depth to the overall look. The beautiful blend of colors in this gorgeous dress promises to be unforgettable.

Details of the Maxi:

Revel in the dazzling designs and intricate embroidery of the sequins embroidered net that wraps around the entirety of the dress. The Maroon Organza Pallu adds refined details that are ethereal and extravagant, while the Purple Organza Lace and Purple Organza add a beautiful touch of elegance. The dyed Raw Silk trousers complement the dress, subtly and stunningly completing the iconic ensemble.

Details of the Dupatta:

The green sequined embroidered net dupatta with a pink Net Pallu perfectly complements the maxi dress. The radiant green adds to the mesmerizing blend of colors and embroidery, creating a sophisticated, stylish, and vibrant effect.

Dress Style:

This exquisite maxi dress offers a symphony of movement and grace, moving along with you as you go about your day or dazzle the evening parties. The ZLR 02 HELEN is designed for those who appreciate luxurious tailoring, exquisite designs, and a touch of playful whimsy. This dress can quickly strike the perfect balance between effortless and sophisticated.

Make a Statement:

Be confident in your style with the ZLR 02 HELEN Pakistani maxi dress from the Zarif La Rosella 2023 collection. The dress is a show-stopper and perfect for any special evening occasion. Zarif La Rosella’s 2023 collection is renowned for its attention to detail and quality of artful crafting. If you are looking for something as striking and sophisticated as it is, the ZLR 02 HELEN is just the dress for you.