Embroidered Chiffon – ZLR 05 SANDY


Brand: Zarif
La Rosella 2023


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Zarif La Rosella 2023 collection presents the mesmerizing ZLR 05 SANDY, a dazzling shalwar kameez that will catch everyone’s attention. This ensemble exudes sophistication and class while blending tradition and modernism perfectly. Its intricate sequins embroidered chiffon fabric provides a delicate and graceful touch, making the wearer stand out.

Chiffon Kameez:

The charming ZLR 05 SANDY features a shalwar kameez with sequins and embroidered chiffon fabric, elevating the dress to a new level. The delicate sequin embroidery on the front and back and the sleeves lace provide an alluring look, making it perfect for formal events. The richness of the fabric enhances the dress style, providing a graceful and sophisticated aura.

Chiffon Dupatta:

The dupatta comprises Sequins Embroidered Chiffon, similar to the Kameez. Its delicate and intricate design provides an ethereal look, amplifying the gracefulness of this dress. The matching silver color with Kameez and Trousers adds the right amount of balance, giving coherence to the design.


The dyed raw silk trouser brings elegance to the dress. Raw silk provides a unique texture, and the garment’s dyeing process ensures a high-quality finish. Silver enhances the drama of the Kameez and Dupatta while simultaneously bringing out the fabric’s surface.


The dress is further complemented with delicate embellishments that add to the dress’s ornamental feel. The sequins, embroidered patches, tiny pearls, and tassels provide a glamorous touch to the garment, making it all the more unique and incredible.


The silver color for Kameez, Trouser, and Dupatta adds to the elegance of this ensemble. The outfit’s chic silver hue provides a luxurious feel that can make anyone feel like a queen, making it an excellent choice for formal occasions.

Overall, the Zarif La Rosella 2023 collection has created the perfect ensemble for anyone looking for a fashionable shalwar kameez. ZLR 05 SANDY is an ideal blend of traditional design and modern style, with intricate sequin embroidery and delicate chiffon fabric. The dyed raw silk trousers and the intricate embellishments make this dress all the more unique and stunning. The silver hue provides a chic and luxurious feel, making the wearer stand out on all special occasions. This ensemble is a must-have for anyone looking to turn heads with a sophisticated yet trendy look.