Embroidered Net – ZLR 06 CARMINE


Brand: Zarif
La Rosella 2023


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Zarif La Rosella 2023 collection brings you the ZLR 06 CARMINE Saree, the epitome of sophistication and class. This saree is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their attire. With a confluence of sequins, embroidered net, and organza, this saree will surely capture the immediate attention of onlookers.

The Saree Fabric

The saree is made of Net fabric, which is lightweight, airy, and comfortable. It falls gracefully and accentuates the figure of the wearer. The intricate work done using sequins and embroidery makes it look exquisite, adding a touch of glamor to it.

The Dupatta

The dupatta is also made of net fabric, which is slightly transparent, making it ideal for draping. It has sequin embroidery designs, which match perfectly with the saree. The four sides of the dupatta have a sequin organza border, which completes the overall look.

The Embellishment

The saree is meticulously embellished with sequins and embroidered patchwork. The tiny pearls add a dash of elegance and charm to the saree. These embellishments have been made by skilled craftsmen who have paid attention to the most minor details to ensure that you look your best when you wear this saree.

The Trouser

The trouser with this saree is made of dyed raw silk fabric, with a perfect maroon color match to the saree. The natural silk fabric is durable, giving it long-lasting wear and comfort, allowing air to circulate freely. The trousers can be worn independently for a modern look or as a fusion with the saree for a glamorous look.

The Color

Maroon is the defining color of this saree. It is a timeless color, representing confidence and strength in every culture worldwide. Maroon for the saree, dupatta, and trousers creates a balanced and cohesive look. It’s a color that is sure to grab the attention of onlookers.

The Design and Cut

This saree has uniquely fused the traditional with the modern, making it perfect for formal and casual events. The design of the saree is inspired by royalty and tradition combined with innovation and modernity. The saree’s cut emphasizes the wearer’s curves and femininity, elevating the wearer’s persona.

The ZLR 06 CARMINE Saree-online-uk is a must-have for anyone looking to make a style statement. It is perfect for a wedding, family celebration, or special occasion. When you wear this saree, you’ll feel like a queen. It’s a saree that will bring out the best in you and make you feel confident and beautiful. Undoubtedly, you’ll turn heads and be the center of attention while wearing this saree.