Embroidered Chiffon – Zrn 08 Jessy


Brand: Zarif
Naqsh Festive Formals


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Zarif Zrn 08 Jessy is the ultimate addition to our Naqsh Festive Formals collection. This mesmerizing ensemble includes an eye-catching Sharara Suit in an eye-catching shade of blue featuring intricate embroidery on high-quality chiffon fabric, as well as an accompanying matching embroidered chiffon Dupatta with delicate sequins and tassels adornments for an exquisite finish.

Dive into the details:

The craftsmanship of the Sharara Suit is beyond luxurious and sophisticated, and each embroidery is expertly hand-stitched using fine chiffon fabric for an exquisite design.

Threads, sequins, and patches combine harmoniously to create an eye-catching finish. You will indeed be left speechless by this stunning ensemble.

The dupatta is equally stunning, featuring intricate sequin detailing and beautifully handcrafted tassels that add a beautiful finishing touch. It elevates this outfit and promotes its beauty further.

Sharara suits feature luxurious embellishments such as sequins, embroidered patches, and tantalizing tassels to make them truly stand out from the competition. Sequins add sparkle and texture, drawing eyes wherever they go; embroidered patches blend beautifully with blue chiffon fabric to draw focus where it should go while tantalizing tassels add drama.

Let’s talk trousers! Crafted from dyed raw silk, these delightful blue trousers feature an elegant color to complete this ensemble. Their delicate fabric adds an air of sophistication while adding style.

Head-Turning Blue:

The Zrn 08 Jessy Sharara suit comes in an eye-catching shade of blue that exudes elegance and prestige, adding elegance and grandeur to your appearance.

Exhibiting this color will boost confidence and elevate your style – perfect for taking any special event by storm! Get ready to shine bright in this fashionable and voguish ensemble, which promises to add flair and glamour!

Luxurious Fabrics: 

Our Sharara piece is handcrafted from luxuriously soft embroidered chiffon fabric that feels incredible against your skin. Its lightweight chiffon dupatta perfectly completes this ensemble, while trousers feature high-grade dyed raw silk fabric for the ultimate luxurious experience.

At Zrn 08 Jessy Sharara Suit is the height of class and sophistication, handcrafted with love to ensure every detail stands out and feels comfortable while you make the most of every moment in life. Perfect for nights out, date nights, dinners, and parties, this ensemble will keep you stylishly ready. Embark upon its beauty to unleash your inner fashionista!