Joie de vivre wedding 24

Republic Womenswear’s creations always blend a classic balance of colours and embellishments with lace accents, impeccable artistry, and embroideries, which complete each creation. This season, the label has launched its new Joie de vivre wedding 24, a beautiful gift for Pakistani wedding guests in the United Kingdom. The brand takes its luxury designs up a notch with its elegant embroidered net dresses- Republic Womenswear gives life to signature open gowns, shalwar kameez and lehenga choli that celebrate femininity. It is A range of dark winter shades; it features plums accentuated with delicate silvers, shimmering sea blue with bold handmade detailing and classy peach with trickling of three-dimensional motifs. Made exclusively for Pakistani wedding guests, for the ones who truly want to make a statement- check out the complete Joie de vivre Wedding 24 collection below:

Joie de vivre wedding