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One of the most lavish Pakistani clothing brands in UK, Zaha is the ultimate brand for fashion-forward females, every year its fashion designers come out with trendy, out-of-this-world, stunning collections. Vamp up your wardrobe with its festive collection, its beautiful lawn collection, or the brand’s charming silk collection. 

Embroidered Karandi - ALALAH ZW2-23-02

Emroidered Karandi – Alalah ZW2-23-02


Emroidered Karandi - SARV ZW2-23-01

Emroidered Karandi – SARV ZW2-23-01


Emroidered Karandi - Firuzeh ZW2-23-03

Emroidered Karandi – Firuzeh ZW2-23-03


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - NEGIN (ZW2-23-08)

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – Negin ZW2-23-08


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - SOUZAN (ZW2-23-10)

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – Souzan ZW2-23-10


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - URSIYA (ZW2-23-07)

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – URSIYA ZW2-23-07


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - JEHAN ZW2-23-06

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – Jehan ZW2-23-06


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - ZHIAN ZW2-23-09

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – Zhian ZW2-23-09


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - TALAYEH ZW2-23-04

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – Talayeh ZW2-23-04


Embroidered Slub Khaddar - LINA ZW2-23-05

Emroidered Slub Khaddar – LINA ZW2-23-05


Zaha PK – The Ultimate Destination for Distinctive Fashion

Zaha PK is one of the finest Pakistani clothing brands. It was founded by Khadijah Shah, the creative director of Pakistan’s leading luxury brand, Elan. With her impeccable sense of aesthetics, international exposure, and a solid understanding of the local market, Khadijah Shah has revolutionized the Pakistani fashion scene again with her superb clothing brand.

The brand celebrates confident women who are strong and fiercely independent, just like the ginkgo leaf, the brand’s chosen emblem, symbolizing resilience and strength. The brand invokes attributes of spirit and creativity with its impactful and eclectic designs that burst with personality, exceptional femininity, and enduring appeal.

Zaha PK offers something for every celebration, specializing in providing on-trend colors, artisanal embroideries, and responsibly sourced fabrics that make each piece stand out from the crowd. Every garment is designed to inspire and empower the Zaha woman, who is unique and elegant and embodies the individuality that sets her apart. The brand prides itself on providing a one-stop destination for all its fashion needs.

At Zaha PK, the focus is on providing unique, unparalleled, and affordable fashion to women in Pakistan. The brand’s name, Zaha, which means blossom in Arabic, and the ginkgo leaf, represent the strong, growing, and trusting relationship between the brand and its customers. The fashion house is committed to bringing its customers the best inimitable and unmatched fashion, with a personalized touch that sets it apart from other brands in Pakistan.

As a Pakistani clothing brand, Zaha PK has significantly impacted the Pakistani fashion scene with its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. From award-winning bridal wear, coveted couture, impeccable luxury wear, seasonal unstitched collections, ready-to-wear pret, and leather accessories, the brand caters to every aspect of a woman’s fashion needs.

At Shadi Dress, we proudly sell all Pakistani-branded women’s dresses online in the UK, including the offerings from Zaha Clothing. Our customers can browse through designer collection of stunning outfits, each designed to make a statement and express their unique style.


In conclusion, Zaha PK is a brand that embodies the spirit of the modern Pakistani woman. With its distinctive fashion, impeccable craftsmanship, and personalized touch, the brand is set to revolutionize the Pakistani fashion scene, one garment at a time. So, embrace your individuality, let your style shine, and explore the world of Pakistani fashion.