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Embarking on a fashion quest in the lush landscapes of the UK, where East meets West, Alizeh has once again graced us with a classic concoction of tradition and modernity – the Eris-Reena-V01D06. This chic piece is more than a dress; it epitomises pastel perfection, envisioned for the Pakistani and Indian ladies who carry grace in their heartbeat and heritage in their silhouette.

The Front: A Vision in Lilac

Imagine the softest lilac hues brought to life on a canvas of pure chiffon. The front of the Eris-Reena-V01D06 is an embroidered marvel with hand-embellished intricacies that tell tales of ancestral craftsmanship. Each stitch narrates luxury, with beads, sequins, and reflective mirror work interwoven to create a breathtaking facade of luxury and splendour. This ensemble isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a wearable artwork designed to be treasured.

The Back: Elegance Unfolding

Swivel to reveal an embroidered chiffon back that seamlessly extends the narrative of elegance from front to rear. Keeping the consistency alive, the back is a testament to the thought and precision invested into each detail of this magnificent attire.

Sleeves That Whisper Sophistication

Flowing down to the sleeves, the Eris-Reena-V01D06 maintains its lyrical grace with an embroidered chiffon that harmonises with the overall dreamy aesthetic. Coupled with the sleeves patch, the detailing is meticulous, ensuring that every gesture is marked with sophistication and class.

Front Side Kali and Daman Patchwork

Alizeh’s devotion to perfection is evident in the Eris-Reena-V01D06. The ensemble boasts a hand-embellished front side Kali and a daman patch that further accentuates the grandeur of the design. It’s like watching lilac lavender fields swaying in sync with your movements, so fluid and enchanting.

The Dupatta: A Drapery Delight

With the accompanying embroidered chiffon dupatta, the ethos of Desi elegance radiates through in a lilac whisper. It’s an accessory that passionately pairs with the attire, not just completing the look but elevating it to celestial heights.

Raw Silk Trousers: The Foundation of Flair

As we descend to the foundation of this garb, we meet the dyed raw silk trousers. Their subtle sheen and crisp tailoring are the perfect underpinnings for the delicate chiffon, balancing comfort with charisma.

Purple Passion

Purple – the colour of nobility, creativity, and wisdom is woven into every thread of the Eris-Reena-V01D06 by Alizeh. The colour choice is not random; it’s deliberate and strategic and sets the wearer apart, elevating them into a realm where style resonates with poise.

Brand Essence: The Legacy of Alizeh

When you drape yourself in the Eris-Reena-V01D06, you’re draping the legacy of Alizeh – a brand that speaks volumes through silent threads of tradition. It is steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan with a finger on the pulse of contemporary fashion trends.

Fabric and Collection: The Craft of Kings

Chiffon, known for its fairy-tale essence and luxurious touch, is the fabric that breathes life into the Eris-Reena-V01D06. As part of the Reena-Handmade-Collection24, this dress is not just ready-to-wear; it’s ready to dazzle and make history as you walk down the fashion-forward streets of the UK.

A Statement Beyond Borders

For the Pakistani and Indian ladies in the UK, this dress is a statement piece, a bridge between the homes they hail from and the lives they lead. It’s an affirmation of identity, a sartorial shout-out to their roots that says, “I am here, I am seen, and I am spectacular.”


Encapsulating the grandeur of the Eris-Reena-V01D06 by Alizeh in mere words is a challenge, for it is more experience than description. It embodies fashion-forward thinking while staying true to the ethnic heartbeat of South Asian tradition. With every fold telling a story and every hue singing an anthem of allure, this lilac ensemble stands as a centrepiece in the wardrobe of every Desi diva in the UK looking to blend culture with contemporary chic. It’s not just about wearing a dress; it’s about celebrating who you are, where you come from, and how far you’ve come.


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